Inspirational Nugget “Unshackled”

Happy Jesus Day:

“Being Shackles Free” If you are shackled by something, it prevents you from doing what you want. Sometimes, the things we perceive as strengths can become the most restrictive shackles to our faith. When you tend to accomplish only the things you are good at, you will never venture into the unknown, uncomfortable, or uncontrollable. I believe that true faith gives us LIFE and often moves beyond our knowledge, skills, and experience. We all have shackles, and God calls us anyway. What does it feel like to live an unshackled faith? I think about all of the brokenness. We have all obstacles that make us cry to God to increase our confidence, relieve our doubts, and give us more extraordinary perseverance. Hopefully, one day, our faith will become our SIGHT. Today we battle our shackles, but we learn to trust God, to believe God, and one day we hope to be unshackled, face-to-face with God Almighty, Creator of the unbroken world. “Let us tear off their shackles from us and cast off their chains.”

CIRCA 1989

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