Spirits Assume Various Forms

Happy Jesus Day: There are varieties of angels and demons. Evil spirits assume various forms devils, demons, evil spirits, imps, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, nature spirits, and farries. Angel is generally grouped in orders. Beginning in the Garden of Eden starting with the serpent that approached Eve and she allowed the spirit of questioning God’s wordContinue reading “Spirits Assume Various Forms”

Principalities and Power

Happy Jesus Day: Satan opposes the proclamation of the gospel, snatching away the seed {the word} that was sown in your heart {Mark 4::15} {Luke 8: 12} He’s also “stopped Paul from traveling to Thessalonians {1 Thessalonians 2: 18}. Satan can influence { Matthew 16:23}. He can fill your heart { Acts 5:3}. He canContinue reading “Principalities and Power”

I Will Not Be Shaken or Rattled By life’s Everyday Cares

Happy Jesus Day: When there is trouble on every side 2 Corinthians 4: 8-18. We must learn how to be still when there’s too much noise or too much movement be still! When you look at believers going through suffering and pain and still have joy it’s because they are still not being shaken orContinue reading “I Will Not Be Shaken or Rattled By life’s Everyday Cares”

Inspirational Nugget “Open Hands Open Heart”

Happy Jesus Day: Have you ever wondered why your blessings are always coming up short? When your hands are closed nothing can come in and nothing can go out it’s the same with your heart when your heart is closed Jesus cannot come in to do the work that He needs to do if yourContinue reading “Inspirational Nugget “Open Hands Open Heart””