Striving to Serve God p.2

Happy Jesus Day: Scriptures: Matthew 6 Chapter verses 1-4 Giving to the needy, verses 5-15 Prayer, verses 16-18 Fasting, verses 19-24 Treasures in heaven, verses 25-34 Do not worry. Colossians 3: 2 heavenly things, Matthew 28: 18 All authority, Hebrews 13: 5-6. What the word says about satan being the ruler of this world isContinue reading “Striving to Serve God p.2”

Is there anything too hard for the Lord

Happy Jesus Day: Genesis 18:1-15 I have three questions I would like to ask. The first question: Do you believe that there’s is nothing too hard for the Lord to do? Next Would you be more like Abraham willing to be a servant? Last Do you have an attitude like Sarah of unbelief? To answerContinue reading “Is there anything too hard for the Lord”