“Being at Peace”

Happy Jesus Day: Being at peace when trouble is staring you in the face. When times get tough, it can be challenging to find peace. Some of the challenges and hard times we are experiencing with financial struggles, personal difficulties, health problems, and even anxiety because of things happening in the world. It’s hard toContinue reading ““Being at Peace””

“Exposing the Spirit of Mistakes”

Happy Jesus Day: The Spirit of Error is both of the mind and Spirit. These spirits lead men to make erroneous judgments and decisions, eventually leading to failure and disaster. Many have lost jobs, lives, relationships, integrity, and even position because of the Spirit of Error. We are dealing with the Spirit of Truth andContinue reading ““Exposing the Spirit of Mistakes””

“The Spirit of Error”

Happy Jesus Day: For years, we called it “Mistakes, but it’s the Spirit of Error.” If you look back on your life, your past mistakes now affected you further; the “Spirit of Error” influenced you. You are currently dealing with your past Mistakes that cause some regrets in your future. They are of the world.Continue reading ““The Spirit of Error””

“The stress of waiting in Patience”

Happy Jesus Day: (Virtual Bible Study Monday Night) Patience is defied as displaying quiet endurance under STRESS or annoyance, tranquil while awaiting results, and persevering. The Bible uses the word patience in two forms: makrothumia, patience with people, and hupomone, patience in the trial.”God-given restraint of opposition or oppression.” Patience is only necessary in theContinue reading ““The stress of waiting in Patience””

“Live to be a Blessing to others”

Happy Jesus Day: God wants us to take the blessing we have received and share them with others we encounter, especially those in need (Romans 11:13). God promised to bless Abraham but also expand that blessing through Abraham to “ALL” people. We are to continue to be a blessing to others. Blessings should not stopContinue reading ““Live to be a Blessing to others””

“Commit your work to the Lord.”

Happy Jesus Day: God does not expect you to do what you cannot do, but He does expect you to do what you can (Colossians 3: 23-24). “Commit your work to the Lord,/and your plans will be established”(Proverbs 16:3). When we give something entirely to God, we depend upon Him. We “commit” ourselves to theContinue reading ““Commit your work to the Lord.””

“Serve Others with Love”

Happy Jesus Day: Loving others can be difficult, especially when we greet them, and they don’t acknowledge us. We sometimes say “extra grace” is required for some people. However, the main reason we encounter difficulties loving others is sin, both ours and those we try to love. Humans are fallen creatures. Apart from God andContinue reading ““Serve Others with Love””