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Sister J Copeland

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Sister D. Cook

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I dreamed of building a dining hall/combination/personal hygiene area. My Church has property. I hope one day, we can become a center for those in need. We would be able to do breakfast and lunch. They would have the opportunity to shower and receive clean clothes. My Pastor gave the word about beginning where you are. This caught my attention. As I sat amid service, I could see everything so clearly. Why wait for the building? I talked with Sister Nettie about the idea, and she said, “Why wait on a building? You have a car and a trunk. We came up with ‘A Meal in a Bag.” That same day, I made a list of non-perishes items I could keep in my trunk. I went to Sam’s to purchase what I would need for a complete meal. That’s how my Meal in a Bag Ministry began. So, start where you are and leave the rest to God!! You will be so glad you did! If you think you are blessing someone, you will be the one who is blessed! I have added shoes and socks also.
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Giving all praise and honor to the creator of all things. I started my handmade jewelry and accessory business in my home. One of my bedrooms became my workspace to start my jewelry line; it was a place to create. It began as hobbies that became a passion; now, it’s my business from home. I have always enjoyed fashion and anything associated with it. At age twenty-five, I created a pair of earrings that I still have today. To me, jewelry is not only a fashion but a meaningful fashion accessory that highlights your beauty. I feel each piece of jewelry has a story that means something different to the person who chooses to wear it. When you choose to purchase my handmade jewelry, you own a unique piece that is one of a kind that’s made with love. When I’m working on my designs, they will be one of a kind; they are sustainable and created by me. They can be customized, ordered, and designed chosen by you if you chose to order. Handmade jewelry is an alternative to others made in mass production. This is a gift that God blesses me with. I thank God for giving me the courage to step out in Faith and start a business. You can rest assured that the designs are of great quality and craftsmanship. Check out my Websites

Sister D. Smith

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