You can write about what God has done for you.

God has been good to me. We all have a purpose we must seek God to know what our purpose is.  Sister Nettie 

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  1. I have been feeling like I’m not where I should be with God. I couldn’t understand what was holding me back. I felt that I had surrendered all to God. But, I still felt a heaviness, like I was failing in my efforts. Thank God for His patience and wise counsel. I now understand that my life is a journey TO the Cross…I am to live a life of faith, walking in my purpose to get to the Cross. I am to LIVE my life in faith and knowing that God will provide everything I need for my life’s journey. Thank you Lord for loving me, Blessing me, and keeping me! To God be the Glory!

  2. As walking down life’s highway, many years ago
    I came upon a sign that read-
    HEAVENS GROCERY STORE…When I got a little closer,
    the door swung open wide, and when I came to myself I
    Was standing inside…I saw a host of angels they were standing everywhere
    One handed me a basket and said ‘My Child, shop with care.’
    Everything a human needed was in that grocery store and,
    what you could not carry. You could come back for more…
    First I got some PATIENCE. LOVE was in that same row. Further down was
    UNDERSTANDING. You need that everywhere you go. I got a box or two of WISDOM
    and FAITH a bag or two and CHARITY of course I need some of that too…
    My basket was getting full but I needed GRACE and then I chose SALVATION for salvation
    was free. I tried to get enough of that to do for you and me…Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill, thought I had everything to do the master’s will.
    As I went up the aisle I saw PRAYER and put that in. For I knew when I stepped outside
    I would run into sin. PEACE and JOY were plentiful the last thing on the shelf.
    SONG and PRAYERS were hanging near so I just helped myself.
    Then I said to the angel ‘Now how much do I owe?’ He smiled and said
    ‘Just take them everywhere you go’ Again I asked ” Really now, how much do I owe?’
    ” My child,” he said ‘God paid your bill a long time ago.’

  3. Testimony :

    This morning (07/27/2022) .I had a visit from the Lord in the middle of reading the Lesson Titled: “Virtue vs Power”. In the middle of the lesson God quickened my spirit and I was slain in the spirit on my living room floor. My body was in total submission to God. I could not move any body parts unless God wanted to move them. I felt as if God was doing a work in my body both physically and mentally.

    Every time I tried to physically remove myself from being slain on my back. God continued to allow my body to be under subjection/submission. God allowed my arms to wave back and forth in several praise positions during this time .I remember trying to lift the upper part of my body which he allowed to rise up off the floor. However; the lower part of my body was stiff/slain and I could not move them after several attempts to do so. I realized that God was not finished with the work he was completing in me.

    After about an hour of spending this time with him , I was able to lift my entire body off of the floor. Instantly, I had a feeling of peace and calmness. I suffer from anxiety and often am trying to do too much at one time. As a result my body is extremely tired and I am unable to do much for the next two days. My body has no energy and I am lathargic while in this state ” I feel absolutely awful and drained physically and mentally.

    I am Thankful that I am a work in progress and trying daily to be on his Agenda and not my own. I know in my heart that God is serious about me following his will and not my own. Often I reflect back to Mrs. Green preaching and reminding me of the scripture ” 1 Samuel.15:22 which talks about obedience is better than sacrifice .If I am on my own Agenda and not his he will remind me that I was working on my Agenda and not his.As a result he will allow my body to rest physically and mentally during those 2 days. Ultimately, then have no choice but to slow down.

    Lord help me to be on your daily Agenda and not my own. When I am on your Agenda and not my own my body is in a state of peace and calmness both mentally and physically. The anxiety that I suffer from will not arise when I am being obedient and following your will and not my own.

    Thank you Lord for giving me your grace and mercy on a daily basis .Which is helping me to realize that I am not my own and was bought with a price.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. God allowed me to witness to someone that I really care about. My prayer is that he heeds the word of God! To God be the Glory for the things he has done for me!

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