The Lady With The Issue Of Blood

Happy Jesus Day:
We all have issues maybe not with an issue of blood but, with other issues of life Mark 5: 25-29. and Luke 8: 42-48. What we know is the woman had a bleeding condition the issue had continued for twelve years, second she had spent all her money. She had seen many doctors and nothing had helped her. It had worsened; we also know that the Jewish Law declared her as unclean. As she pressed into the crowd, the people feared being touched by her and becoming unclean. But, because she was desperate for a miracle sometimes we need to get desperate too. She just wanted to touch the hem of His garment just the clothes she would be healed. As soon as the woman touched Jesus the bleeding stopped she knew she was healed in an instance, Jesus does what no doctor in twelve years could do. Do you have an issue in your life that you have done everything possible and you are still causing an issue? The woman did not make Jesus {God’s dwelling} unclean–He made her clean! Jesus asked who touched me you can’t steal a miracle Jesus said your faith has healed you. God is moved to action by our faith if the woman had not pressed through believing if I can touch Him I will be healed. Are you pressing for your miracle are or you waiting on Jesus to answer your prayer sometime you need to PRESS THROUGH to Him? Jesus could have kept quiet and no one would have known, but HE didn’t. JESUS stopped what He was doing to acknowledge the results our the woman’s Faith. We all have issues in our lives be it health, finances, families, jobs, or friends. we need Jesus healing in all things. Her’s was a blood disorder what is your disorder? Your faith must move you to also move you to be strong enough to reach out.
CIRCA 1997

4 thoughts on “The Lady With The Issue Of Blood

  1. AMEN🙏🏻. Thank you for this Great Inspirational Nugget Post titled”Crying Out” I am inspired and encouraged to have more FAITH in all current trials now and in the near future. I’m PRESSING FORWARD to see what the end will be🙏🏻.

  2. PRESSING ON, even though I feel exhausted…even though my change has not come…even though more trials come…I will remain steadfast in my Faith…GOD knows!

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