Some of the Faces of Time

Happy Jesus Day! So many time we watch the clock of our lives and wonder where has the time gone. We often say Oh ! how time flies, time runs away, time lingers, time creeps right on by, time roll by, but we never say times “STOP” thank God for that. So reflect on the good times and enjoy them. Remember the first time you accepted Christ and developed a personal relationship with the Lord. The old times are behind you new times are before you. Your walk has changed places you used to go you go no more. One of the most important Faces of Time is the Time you spend with the Lord, This time in your life should be special in your heart. So thank God you are in time and not behind time 2 Peter 3: 8 says it best But do not overlook this One fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousands years as a day. Ecclesiastes 3 :1-8, Psalms 90:12.

I wrote this in 1996 about what time means to me. So let God direct you steps so you don’t waste any more Time; Psalm 119: 133, Psalm 37: 23 .

T stands for TODAY

I stands of IS

M stands for MERLY

E stands for ENDING

CIRCA 1996

3 thoughts on “Some of the Faces of Time

  1. WOW!!! Today’s Post”Some of the Faces of Time” is a very Powerful Message! A message of hope and empowerment to continue living each day to the fullest without any regrets!! It is time to move forward and not look back. A new chapter in my life is ahead and that includes allowing God to Take the Wheel. He is in charge of my life and I am truly grateful for that .He continues to proves himself to me everyday, minute to minute, second by second and Hour by Hour !! What a Mighty God we serve.🙏🏻❤

  2. Even as we are challenged this day, tomorrow is God’s promise for a new beginning…a new day and new mercies. Lam 3:22-23.

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