“Friday’s Prayer”

Happy Jesus Day!
Gracious! Father in heaven, we come with a grateful heart. Thank you for protecting us from all hurt, harm, and danger. We come with open hearts when there is trouble all around us where we go. We need your guidance and understanding in every area of our lives. Continue to extend your grace upon the lives of your children. Give us patience because we are overwhelmed with the circumstances that seek to destroy us. No matter how hard we fight, the battle never seems to cease. We might stumble and even fall, but we will always rise to the challenges before us. We will not be lost as long as You are in the battle; victory is always near. We look around at today and yesterday, knowing you see tomorrow. What must you think of how there is little change in how your children live? People feel they still have time to get it right. They are living for today. So precious and almighty, thank you for keeping us another week. Amen
CIRCA November 17, 2023

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