“Small Waves /High Tides”

Happy Jesus Day!
Sometimes, life can feel like small waves in your life. This comes when the ruffling of circumstances with pressure from what happens in your life (small waves occur when there is a fall in sea level, the ruffling of the water surface build-up due to the pressure from the wind and water, creating stress that causes tiny, short waves that cause ripples). In our lives, we can feel the pressure from everyday happening. We can have small situations that can cause our lives to overflow but still have the joy of the Lord to sustain us. Then there are high tides when the water is at its greatest elevations, where water can advance to the furthest extent onto the shoreline. Our lives can also suffer from no changes in our circumstances because we become impatient. Not wanting to wait on God and get caught in a high-tide situation in life. (Job 38:16 said it best: “Have you entered into the springs of the sea? or have you walked in the search of the depth?”) Neither the small waves nor high tides are a secure place to be. We must always trust God even when we don’t understand.
CIRCA 1988

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