“Friday’s Prayer”

Happy Jesus Day!
Precious and Almighty God from whom All blessings flow. We are honoring our heavenly Father, who woke us up this morning. We come with heavy hearts, knowing you are in total control. The cares of everyday living burden us in times of destruction, where murder is a common thing, and there is a shortage of finances, food, and housing. God, we know our time is not your time. We ask that you have mercy upon the land. Please increase your grace, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of your children. We live in a broken land dealing with broken people. Please Heal our hearts and your land so that we have some rest. There are many restless nights. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring but knowing trouble is everywhere. Lord, we cry out to you and rejoice at the same time. Please keep us in perfect peace because our minds are staying on you.
CIRCA November 10, 2023

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