“Letting Go of Your Past”

Happy Jesus Day!
When people try to hold you to your past, it is hard for you to let go of your history sometimes, but what do you do when people don’t let you forget your past? I learned an apology isn’t a guarantee, and people can choose not to forgive you. When you ask for forgiveness, you have done all you could in the present because you can’t change the past, not overlooking the hurt and harm or making excuses for what happened. Making amends when someone is not open to receiving makes it almost impossible. The truth is, we can’t make anyone accept our forgiveness. One thing I have learned is that forgiveness can be a long process. You can apologize and ask for forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean they accept it now; forgiveness can come later.(Matthew 6: 14-15)(Romans 3:23-24).
CIRCA 9/85

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