“The First 3 Teacher’s”

Happy Jesus Day!
Parents are the most influential teachers in your child’s life in the beginning. (Proverbs 22:6) ” tells up to train a child how he should go.” We have a responsibility as parents. He wants us to teach our children what matters to Him and what the Word says about how to treat others. We can be very efficient teachers in their early years, beginning at age 0. We are supposed to read and teach them, train them in the Word that they will not depart, but free will is always valid. Once they learn to read and study the bible, they can learn to pray and ask God to show them how to become good at prayer. God becomes their second teacher. Once they start reading the Word for themself, they begin to search the scriptures for themselves, attending Bible study as they start to understand that God is a Supernatural Being. Faith is something you have. You can’t see it, but it brings forth evidence if you believe and trust Him. The third teacher is the WORLD. Your choice!
CIRCA 1987

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