“Training Wheels”

Happy Jesus Day!
It’s time to let go of those training wheels and ride the bike holding on to the handlebars. (2 Timothy 2:15) First, you need to believe in yourself. It is integral to achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life, letting go of the training wheels. You need confidence in your abilities and trust yourself to make good, godly decisions by taking the handlebars, the word of God. Study it for yourself. On the ride, you need a helmet to protect your head (Ephesians 6:17). Taking care of your physical and mental health is essential for believing in yourself. So it’s time to let go of the training wheels, hold on to the handlebars, and put on your helmet.
CIRCA 1997

6 thoughts on ““Training Wheels”

    PROFOUND WORDS🙏🏻 Thank you for inspiring me to continue on the path that you have chosen for me.

  2. Learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time can be scary even with a helmet and holding on to the handlebars. It reminds us when we became Christian’s and gave our lives to Christ we had the tool which was our bibles. It wasn’t until we started reading, studying, praying that we became comfortable with being a Christian living for Jesus!

  3. Yes ma’am, taking the training wheels off, taking a firm grip on the handlebars and riding. Holy Spirit help me.

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