“Glorifying God”

Happy Jesus Day!
Sometimes, when we seek God, I feel God is seeking us when we open ourselves up for the Holy Spirit to have its way when talking with the Lord. The next time you are in the presence of the Lord, show Him how grateful you are for your life by glorifying Him for the life He helps you to create, how you show love, kindness, and your purpose in life. It’s not hard to look around and see all the things you can Glorify Him in your life.
CIRCA 1987

3 thoughts on ““Glorifying God”

  1. I am so grateful and thankful for family, friends and those I don’t know or even met. We all are God’s creation.

  2. Thank you Father. You have been and are more than faithful to me and my love ones. My heart is filled with Gratitude!!!🙌🏾

  3. Hallelujah Jesus!! Lord you are absolutely correct. I have soooo much to be GRATEFUL for. As I continue to yield and surrender my self to you.. I can’t help but to realise all that you are and are doing in my life. At this stage of my Journey , When I look back over my life , I gave up the money and material items that I thought would bring me happiness, help me to realise that nothing could satisfy or fufill the VOID I had in my life, due to allowing people and things to come before you. That was a hard and painful lesson to admit that I had allowed this to happen in my life. At this second stage of my life it is the little things in life that I find myself being thankful for, such as WAKING UP DAILY WITH BREATH IN MY BODY , PEACE, LOVE, JOY HAPPINESS, FOOD TO EAT, A CAR TO DRIVE THAT HAS GAS IN THE TANK, CLOTHES TO PUT ON MY BACK, THE ABILITY TO ENJOY NATURE BY LOOKING AT THE TREES, AND OUT IN THE LAKE, HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOU ON A DAILY BASIS AND THE THANKFULNESS TO KNOW THAT IF YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING ELSE FOR ME, I WILL BE SATISFIED!!🙏🏻

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