“Inspirational Nugget”

Happy Jesus Day:

Blessings are everywhere but sometimes we are missing out. What happens when you are not receiving your blessings? As you look around you see people who you think don’t deserve blessings because of their lives being outlandish or because they already have more than is enough. (Psalm 37:7-9) Being for real it can be a huge struggle when other people are being blessed instead of having you. That when you are really tested having to wait on God when it seems like everyone else is getting blessed. Everyone is moving forward and you are still waiting. To be an over comer don’t you stop believing and trusting God. You must realize God is still working while you are waiting. Just because you don’t see your blessings doesn’t mean it’s not on the way. When it’s time for your blessings it won’t be a moment to soon or a moment late God is always on time.
Circa 1996

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