“Inspirational Nugget”

Happy Jesus Day:

It’s easy to tell a lie and hard to live a lie. Lies are the beginning of destruction, and the result could be death. When you tell one lie, it needs support from the previous one before it can stand. This is a lot of work. Telling the truth needs no support it remains the same every time you hear it and will set you free no bondage (John 8:32).
CIRCA 1988

5 thoughts on ““Inspirational Nugget”

  1. I know this true, my granny use to tell us all the time you tell a lie you going to tell, many more lies to cover up that one lie you told,

  2. This is a profound reminder of why you shouldn’t lie. As often told…one lie leads to many more lies. If you forget the lie…be reminded that the person who you lied to was listening and will remind you that’s not what you said.
    Remember… It’s better to tell the truth even if you have to ask for forgiveness.

    MY GOD!! MY GOD!! PROFOUND!!! 100% FACTS!!

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