“Friday’s Prayer”

Happy Jesus Day:

Lord, we thank you for bringing us through another week. We’ve encountered so many difficulties in a week. Still, because our lives seem so confusing and overwhelming, we can hardly wait for Friday to get here for some relief; never stopping for a minute, realizing you are ever present in our life every day. Lord, we know you are always doing something in our lives. You have provided all things necessary to sustain our life. We thank you for seeing us through this week. Your love and grace have blessed our lives. You have encouraged and comforted us with kindness and peace. We thank you for always being there. Lord, I commit all into Your hand, heart, life, body and soul, and everything within me.

CIRCA 7/7/2023

2 thoughts on ““Friday’s Prayer”

    I am sooo GRATEFUL to you for getting me through tough week with your comfort and strength🙏🏻. If it had not been for you where would I be? You prove to me daily that You and my Angels are always with me leading and guiding me through my days. The devil is sooo busy working through people that are connected to me in some form or fashion!!! BUTTTTT GODDDDD!! Please continue to have your way in my life, that I may walk upright in this journey, you know the plans you have for me are BEST. Help me to see other’s the way you see them without any judgement!!!. My life belongs to you and you ONLY!! I LOVE you to infinity, mind body and soul ❤

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