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Happy Jesus Day:

Being blessed and blessing someone else. We all want to be blessed but when you are going through can you bless someone else. Ask yourself this can you pray for others when you are going through can you be thoughtful, speak kind words, encourage others, you can if you know the love of Christ. Life brings problem for everyone you can’t get around it. We can be a blessing to others by giving our time we don’t always have to do something big to bless others. Knowing the love of Christ is an amazing feeling. Being a blessing to others can be the perfect opportunity to share God’s love. That’s why I keep Blogging every day.

CIRCA 6/24/2023

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. God blesses us to be a blessing!!🙏🏾 May I never miss the opportunity to make someones life better.
    What we do for others comes back to us!

  2. Yes, you are a blessing to others on a daily basis. I try dearly to be a blessing to someone and I will continue. It’s just a good feeling, even if I am going through. I had a very good model to help teach me that I think God for that model.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  3. God blesses us in ways that we will never be able to understand. We are to be a blessing to others, so that others can be a blessing to someone else. We can never multiply the way God blesses or give the way HE gives. Trust God within you to lead you to whom you are to be a blessing to.

  4. WHEEEEE….WEEEEEE!! MY GOD!! MY GOD!! HALLELUJAH JESUS!! I believe in my heart that I have been a blessing to those less fortunate in their time of need. It is with great GRATITUDE that I am thankful for the heart that you’ve given me!! My desire is to always treat other’s with respect and dignity, because this is what you have done for me. Why would I not pray for other’s who may be going through? It is what you have done for me. Often times, the struggles, obstacles, traps set before me have been so disheartening and hurtful that it has been difficult to pray correctly, the pain has been so intense that I did not know if was coming or going. I am happy that you have placed people in my life who love me with the love of christ and interceeded and prayed for me, when I could’nt get a prayer through to you. My desire is to go through future trials and tribulations with grace and humility…knowing that when I help other’s, you will be glorified in the end. Also, these acts of kindness will keep the focus off of me and what I am currently experiencing in your life. We are all put on this earth to be a blessing to those less fortunate. It is selfish not to share what I’ve been blessed with other’s ,if I have more than enough, it’s the RIGHT thing to do!!!!

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