“Standing in Grace”

Happy Jesus Day:
To be in God’s grace is to be justified before God. It is to be in the family of God. ALL whom God saves, He secures and grants perseverance. This is the blessing of justification, peace, and security with God through Christ (Romans 5: 1-2). By “standing” in it, he says we can stand firm in the same grace(Romans 3:24) that justified and reconciled us to God. Once justified at salvation, we remain justified. God does not remind His imputation of Christ’s righteousness to us, and we stay free from guilt and the penalty of sin. The Apostle Paul confirmed this after his lament about his sin and sinfulness in Romans 7 chapter by reminding himself and us, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”(Romans 8:1). He knew he was still standing in God’s grace, and so are we.
CIRCA 1999

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