“Exposing the Spirit of Mistakes”

Happy Jesus Day:
The Spirit of Error is both of the mind and Spirit. These spirits lead men to make erroneous judgments and decisions, eventually leading to failure and disaster. Many have lost jobs, lives, relationships, integrity, and even position because of the Spirit of Error. We are dealing with the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error. The spirit of error is from the devil. The nature of Error is a diversion. It is a spirit of manipulation. It weakens you from fulfilling your desires to study; it makes you do wrong things at the right time; by telling a friend you will take them to an interview and then never showing up, causing them to miss out on possibly getting a job. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy ‘”(John 10:10)”. The devil never wants anyone to fulfill their destiny. Whatever good you set your heart to do, the devil will try to distract, manipulate or divert you.
CIRCA 1986

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  1. Father God help me to continue listening closely to the Holy Spirit, who leads and guides me into all truth.

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