“The stress of waiting in Patience”

Happy Jesus Day: (Virtual Bible Study Monday Night)

Patience is defied as displaying quiet endurance under STRESS or annoyance, tranquil while awaiting results, and persevering. The Bible uses the word patience in two forms: makrothumia, patience with people, and hupomone, patience in the trial.”God-given restraint of opposition or oppression.” Patience is only necessary in the face of opposition. This is why seeking patience is, in many senses, a battle. We can lean on the promise that patience is God-restraint, not something we are to produce in our strength. The Lord provides us with spiritual armor to go into battle. Our only responsibility is to trust that God will give us the strength to hold on and act according to our faith promise. We receive our strength in faith as believers. Patience (Galatians:5) is often called long-suffering. Having a “long attitude” towards God, ourselves and others’ grace compel us to trust God, grace is extended to others when they hurt us, and grace to forgive ourselves when we stumble and fall.
CIRCA 1989

One thought on ““The stress of waiting in Patience”

  1. Thank you Lord for your continued, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Forgive me for my sins , known unknown, thought, fought, sought ,deed, omission and comission. My desire is to have more patience in my trials and tribulations that are to come. Teach me how to wait on you for all things, mind, body, soul , without murmuring and complaining. Give me the strength to endure and run a good race, with you by my side. I am very GRATEFUL that you are aligninig my life with your plans. I will never try to walk this journey alone, without you being by my side, leading and guiding every step of the way
    to the FINAL DESTINATION (The Cross). I LOVE YOU with every fiber within me. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€

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