“Friday’s Prayer”

Happy Jesus Day:
Gracious and loving Father, open our hearts so that we can admit to you the fullness of our lives, that which is beautiful and good and that which is painful and hurtful. We do not always follow Jesus in all we do; we come up short, sometimes we love with conditions, and we judge and condemn. We cast the first stone and keep the logs in our eyes; we do not turn to You as the source of our healing. Forgive us. Please help us to learn to be grateful for every breath we take, a roof over our heads, the shoes on our feet, and the food on our table. Lord, I pray for your love and mercy to complete us and make us whole. As a human, I find myself complaining and being ungrateful. Teach us always to be content and know that your grace is sufficient every day. Ignite in our hearts the desire to live in your presence and take us as your own
CIRCA 5/19/2023

4 thoughts on ““Friday’s Prayer”

  1. Thank you Lord for your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Forgive me for my sins, thought, fought, sought, deed, omission, and comission. Continue to work on me daily, making me and molding me into the woman you have called me to be. Help me to surrender to your will daily. I ask that you continue to allow me to cast my cares and burdens upon you. You are always there ,waiting for me to give it ALL to you, the pain, hurt, mistreatment, and etc. The sooner I seek your face for forgiveness, leadership, and guidance ,you are there waiting on me with open arms ,to finally come out of the wilderness. I am so GRATEFUL that you have always been so PATIENT with me. Only you could do that for me , your daughter. Thank you for several opportunuties to follow your road map for my life. When you lead and guide me in this Spiritual Journey your plans will always be the best way to go. You know everything about me before I was brought into this world . Help me to see you in everything lord, because you own the earth and the fullness there of ,Psalm 24:1-2.. Hallelujah JesusπŸ™πŸ»

  2. As I read the blog for the fifth time I ask myself why is sister Nettie yelling at meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ once again I am so blessed by this message. I struggle with sharing the fullness of who I am with God correction are used to struggle no God has shown me me and given me understanding that he knows who I am completely, I just needed to Share me completely with God Lord I thank you for your patience I thank you for your grace and your mercy I thank you Lord God most of all for your unconditional love. I am grateful!!!! To God be the Glory!

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