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Happy Jesus Day:
We must trust God and hold to what we have learned from His word. The word has to be alive within our hearts to believe. God’s Spirit ministers to the Holy Spirit that help us win. Stepping back, taking a breath, looking over your circumstances, and seeing how God works and changes them daily. Sometimes in life, it’s the wait time that we struggle with. We want to act but also stay in God’s will. So we have to be patient and hold fast to our faith. Being strong while we wait is a must because patience requires us to endure and tolerate suffering while we are waiting. Learning how to regulate our feelings while waiting, and to accept the unknown of whether relief will come, is challenging. Patience is a command, not a suggestion in (Romans 12:12) Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer.
CIRCA 1988

Virtual Bible Study Monday Night 5/8/2023

One thought on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. WHEEEEE…WEEEEEEE!! MY GOD!! MY GOD!! Lord have mercy upon me!! Forgive me for all of my sins, thought, fought, sought , deed, omission, and comission. I am GRATEFUL for your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Patience is a Virtue and ,I can admit that I have difficulty waiting on you. Continue to send reminders that all things work best in your timing not mine. Please help me to regulate my emotions and not get so anxious or discouraged while waiting on blessings to MANIFEST themselves on this side. I don’t ever want to walk ahead of you , in this Journey to get to Heaven.

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