“God promised David Victory, yet David still had to fight.”

Happy Jesus Day:
The Bible says that success will come when we struggle with persistence and Faithfulness. Perseverance means to continue fighting even after something doesn’t go your way or when things get hard. Faithfulness means you stay focused on what matters most even when it’s hard because you know it will lead to success later on down the road of your journey. God has given us everything we need for success in our life. Always fight for the right; don’t pass it up. Don’t let the enemy tell you; you can’t win and cause you to give up. For every challenge we encounter, God has equipped us with strength. He has given us the tools we need for victory! Because I am with you and will watch over you, do not be terrified of their faces, the Lord declares. (2 Timothy 4:7-8) Everybody goes through trying times. Each trial is a chance to put greater faith in Him since God has already prepared a way out of difficulty for us to overcome. God will never assign you a conflict you can’t overcome because the war has already been won (Isaiah 54: 17-18) (Corinthians 15:57)(Romans 12:12). The Bible says that if we want to be victorious, we must be prepared for battle. And if we are not prepared for war, we will not be victorious. Where there is no battle, there is no victory. (1 Chronicles 14: 8-11)God promised David victory over the Philistines, yet David still had to fight. What God says will happen must happen. God’s promise to David that he would win could not fail; David’s actions were essential to his victory.
CIRCA 1988

3 thoughts on ““God promised David Victory, yet David still had to fight.”

  1. Knowing that life is a perpetual battle for me, I am striving to be faithfully ready for what comes…holding on to God’s unchanging hands. Thank You Father for keeping me each and every day. I’m so grateful!!!! To God be the Glory!!!!🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

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