“The Holy Spirit is Full of Power”

Happy Jesus Day:
A spirit of fear comes from being unable to trust God. The Spirit here is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not timid but full of power. When we are in the right relationship with God, there is no need for fear because God has given us His Spirit (2 Timothy 1:7). It is important to note there are different kinds of fear mentioned in the Bible. One fear is to fear the Lord, not be afraid of God. Instead, it is a reverential awe of the Lord, a proper respect for His glory. The fear of the Lord comes from knowledge of His greatness and leads to wisdom and worship (Psalm 111:10). We have no control over the world. We don’t control the weather, our health, other people, or anything else, as much as we try. God does have complete control. He also knows exactly what is going to happen. The only way to fight fear is to trust Him (1 John 4: 18). On our journey, we have much to learn about our Lord and much room to grow in love and faith.
CIRCA 1999

4 thoughts on ““The Holy Spirit is Full of Power”

  1. Thank you Lord God for your mighty wisdom, knowledge and understanding.I am grateful to be reminded during Monday Night’s virtual Bible Study Lesson that I have a lot of power inside of me. I need to believe it as well as use it. The Lord said that he will leave me with a comforter(Holy Spirit) that resides in me. Lord, I don’t want Fear to be a part of my life in any way, shape, and or form. Fear is a way to keep me in bondage by Satan. He does not want me to go upwards with the Lord. His job is to cause condemnation at any cost. God convicts me when I’m wrong because he truly know’s what is best for me. I’m grateful and thankful that I’m being cleansed of anything that should not reside in me. You are purging me daily. What a mighty God I serve!!! The unconditional love that you have for me has no limits, Hallelujah Jesus!!! Lord, I am so GRATEFUL that I have a relationship with you like non other. You will always be the number one person in my life today and forever more🙏🏻❤

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