‘Friday’s Prayer”

Happy Jesus Day:

Thank you, God for your goodness and corrections this week. Father, you have chosen us; therefore, You must discipline us for our sins and shortcomings. You warn us first. This helps us to see that you are speaking through our circumstances and giving us the wisdom to listen. When our circumstances speak through your preachers or teachers, you use them to convey the message. Thank you for giving them the word. Give them a clear word from You, so when they speak, may they speak with clarity and be bold and obey. Father, when you are speaking, let us hear your voice. Please help us to respond to the voice of the speaker. If we don’t listen, we will end up with unrest and oppression of people who don’t know You. Create in us a heart of truth. Let us respond to the truth. Read (Amos 3:1-10). We must pray for the Lord to correct us. This is the prayer Amos prayed.

CIRCA 2000

2 thoughts on “‘Friday’s Prayer”

  1. Thank You Lord God for your wisdom, knowledge and understanding that is poured into me daily. I am so GRATEFUL for your correction. May I follow directions given by you the Speaker. I don’t want to be the cause of someone walking needlessly around in the wilderness because of my DISOBEDIENCE. Thank you for being a GOD of second chances. Many of your children are hurting and one word spoken to them as a word of encouragement may be the differnce between life or death. This will give them “HOPE” and let them know that YOU LOVE THEM inspite of their sins. Those sins will be cast into the Sea of Forgiveness. What I mighty GOD I SERVE.🙏🏻😇👏🏾🙌🏾🎉🎊❤

  2. Thank for your correction. For you correct those you love!! Help me listen, repent and obey! I love you Lord. You are moving mightily in our hearts. I praise you for you are Lord of Lords. Just thinking about you brings tears to my eyes. There is no one like you!!🙌🏾❤️

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