“The Bible is our Map to Eternal Life needed for our Journey.”

Happy Jesus Day:

We study God’s map to discover where we are and want to be. Reading His Word helps us to believe in Christ. We cross the bridge from death to life everlasting. Our Sovereign God guides us to our heavenly destination (John 5:24). The future of our journey is unknown. Yet God has His will; His way is planned out for us. His desire is for us to enjoy the trip. We may pass through unfamiliar places along unknown routes. We don’t have to be afraid, for our God is always with us. He has given us His road map so we do not lose our way. When we follow His divine Map, the Bible, on our life journey, we will safely reach our Heavenly destination.

CIRCA 1988

3 thoughts on ““The Bible is our Map to Eternal Life needed for our Journey.”

  1. Thank you Lord for “My Journey that is Before me, not Behind Me”. I’m GRATEFUL and EXCITED about the Journey before me. The past is the past and there is nothing that I can do to change it. Every trial and tribulation has led me to this place in my SPIRITUAL WALK with you Lord. I am right where I’m supposed to be at this very moment in life. I have learned so much in my life this past year.. thanks to you Lord. The wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that has been instilled in me is unfathanable. I am in awwww… when I can have a coversation with other believer’s about Jesus Christ and his Goodness. I am able to recite scriptures that coincide with our conversation at that very moment. Thank you Lord for providing me with a road map that will lead and guide me as to when to turn, go right or left, take this detour instead of moving ahead due to an accident, or etc. Lord I don’t want to ever walk around in the wilderness needlessly without a Purpose in my life. You have the perfect plan for my life and if I continue to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lead and guide me .. I will be fine.❤

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