“No Failure in Jesus” part 4

Happy Jesus Day:
Idolatry is the next sin that hinders us from attaining or sustaining our God-given promise (verse 7). Pagan revelry is something none of us should have problems identifying. It’s more than lusting after the world; it’s actively doing the things they do with them. From lying to cheating, from focusing more on the things of God. God makes it plain. If you are so busy serving the world that you have no time for fellowship with God, you are actively living in Idolatry. Those things that take you away from God are idols—idolatry images- worship or divine honor paid to any created object. Paul describes the origin of idolatry in (Romans 1: 21-25) men forsook God and sank into ignorance and moral corruption(1:28). Form of Idolatry (Fetishism) is the worship of trees, rivers, hills, stones, etc. (Nature ) worship the sun, moon, stars, as supposed the power of nature. (Hero) worship the worship of deceased ancestors or heroes. The first account of Idolatry was Racheal stealing her father’s teraphim (Genesis 31:19). Which were the relics of other gods by Laban. (Joshua 24:2); (Joshua 24:14); Ezekiel 20: 7).
CIRCA 1989

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