“No Failure in Jesus” part 2

Happy Jesus Day:

Let’s consider the spiritual state of the Israelites and how this relates to us today—believers in the mist. Israel had passed through the sea; they had been baptized into Moses and the sea (verses 1-3). The Israelites passed through the sea, leaving Egypt as a mirror of our salvation. They passed from death to life. So likewise, when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and saviour you passed from death to life. From the power of darkness to the kingdom of light (Colossians 1: 13). The Israelites all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink. That drink was Christ. They were a picture of not just a born-again believer but one filled with the Holy Spirit and fed with the word. We must remember what Jesus said to the Samaritan women beside the well in John chapter four. They were physical pictures and examples of the born-again spirit-filled believer (v.6 &11). These are the ones who risk losing our God-given promises, ministries, homes, and numerous other blessings if we do not heed the warning of the Holy Spirit through the scriptures. If you fear God and desire to see, His will be fulfilled. Those of us cherish seeing God’s promised land, this of heaven.
The third part will show the five reasons that are the main cause of aborted blessings and unfulfilled promises from God. The main reasons why homes, ministries, and calling never attain (or sometimes do not even begin).”
CIRCA 1989

One thought on ““No Failure in Jesus” part 2

  1. WHEEEEEEE….WEEEEEEEEEEE!! MY GOD!! THANK YOU LORD FOR PROVIDING/EQUIPING ME WITH THE WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, and UNDERSTANDING to be A BETTER CHRISTISIAN daily. THANK YOU FOR DIEING ON THE CROSS FOR ME and MY SINS (past ,present, and future). When I accepted you as my LORD and SAVIOR and when that happened I was passed from DEATH to LIFE (profound )🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏾👏🏾. ALSO, LORD THANK YOU FOR MAMA GREEN’S invitation to visit anytime with no questions asked. SHE was an AMAZING HOST( she made me feel like her HOME was my HOME. LORD I THANK YOU FOR that opportunity to be BLESSED, HEALED ,DELIVERED, and set FREE everyday during my 4 day visit. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE A “SPIRITUAL RETREAT” 🙏🏻. LORD BLESS HER GOING IN and COMING OUT, MEET EVERY NEED, GOOD HEALTH TO BE ABLE TO GO FORTH and DO YOUR WILL. MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY THE 9 GIFTS that you’ve placed INSIDE of HER. I REMEMBER over 30 years ago I was BLESSED to be able to go through a DELIVERANCE performed by HER. I AM SO GRATEFUL for being SET FREE. YOU HAVE/ARE PROVING TO ME OVER and OVER again that your Love is UNCONDITIONAL!!!!

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