5 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. Grateful is what I am! GOD didn’t have to…but he did. It’s a blessing to be alive to see each new day! We have choices as to how we are going to live our lives. There are end results…consequences from the way we live. I choose to serve my GOD and believe/trust GOD that everything is going to be alright. It’s GOD’s will….at the end of the day. But remember…always pray because GOD answers prayers!

  2. Dear Lord, with each day given, I will listen, trust, and obey! Thank You Lord for my Blessings, I’m eternally grateful. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  3. Thank you LORD for each day that you wake me up to see another day. It’s another opportunity for me to do your WILL not only in my life…but for others as well. I am sooooooooo.. very GRATEFUL for the trials and tribulations in my life in the past, present, and future. I know that the have been/are for my own good to aquire the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that you are trying to instill in me. LORD I am so THANKFUL for my most recent trip to ATL. I thought I would be there for rest and relaxation. LORD you granted that blessing as well as others. I AM SOOOOO VERY GRATEFUL FOR an opportunity to FELLOWSHIP with Mama Green and Druecilla Cook. Thank you for the SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS that you bestowed upon me DAILY during my visit!! I did not expect any of it. This just goes to show me that you are ARE an AMAZING GOD and you are TRULY concerned about my well being in life both SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY. I could never REPAY you for how you have BLESSED ME TO BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS.

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