“My Journey is Over”

Happy Jesus Day to All! I met Tina in the middle of her Journey and walked with her until the end. We became sisters and friends. I saw her joy and I witness her pain, so as your come to an end, I continue until we meet again.

My Journey Is Over

You fought a good fight. No more darkness, just heavenly light. There were hills and alleys, mountains, and valleys. There were jungles to overcome and rivers to cross, but I praise God for His Grace that was ever present in your race. We all have a race, so let God show you your place. She’s not tired anymore; She’s an angel with the Lord with a celestial body that’s whole, no more pain, no sickness, not even death. To her family and friends, know that your love could not keep her here when she heard the voice of God call her home. The sun will still come up, and the moon will go down. Always remember to be truthful with yourself because the mirror of life will always show you who you are.
E -exceptional
We thank God for allowing her to share her life with us.
Sister Nettie

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