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Happy Jesus Day:

I will listen to God talk as I walk this year. Have you ever wished God would talk to you like He spoke to people in the Old Testament? The Scriptures often describe God speaking to His people through a voice, angel, or dream. He even writes on a wall in { Daniel 5}. So it’s natural to want to hear God’s voice or see a big sign that will help you feel confident in God’s direction. He is the same God today as He was in the Old Testament. He still speaks to us today. He made it possible for us to have a personal relationship with Him, which involves talking together daily. He communicates with us. Many of us have never learned how to recognize His voice or forgotten how in the past. I believe that God does speak audibly to His people. He said to Samuel as a child in the temple { 1 Samuel: 3} to Moses out of a burning bush {Exodus: 3} to Elijah in a still small voice { 1 King 19: 11-12}. Another way God speaks to His people is through miraculous events, such as signs, dreams, and visions. “Four ways to seek God in His word” {Jeremiah 29: 13}, {Hebrews 11: 6}, Proverbs 8: 17}, and { Psalm 14: 2}. God never leaves us once we invite Him into our lives, but He does respond to our desire for more of Him.

CIRCA 12/29/2022

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