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Happy Jesus Day:

Giving Thanks πŸ™πŸΌ to our Heavenly Father for keeping us informed on the word that strengthens our daily walk which help us grow in faith. God help us to live by faith. May it not be said of us that our faith is too small, or to help us to look to You, to see in You, You infinite power. Your infinite glory, greatness, grander, majesty, and unlimited ability. Keep us, God from trusting in our power. Help us to trust in Your power. Help us to pray accordingly as we pray, even right now. God, help us realize we’re talking to You, the king of the universe that has all authority and all power, sovereignty ruling and reigning over all things. Help us not to underestimate You in our praying . As we pray for others and serve others, help us to do that cognizant of your power.

Circa 1988

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. In the name of Jesus! Yes Lord God!!! I’m grateful for this powerful prayer! Please help me in my efforts knowing I have no power and that all my strength comes from you. Father I will walk in faith as I look to you with the help of the Holy Spirit in my journey! Glory to God in the highest!!!!!

  2. Thank you Lord for teaching me how to trust in your infinite power and reminding me that I need to cast my cares burdens upon you. You are ruler over all things big or small. You care about me because I am your daughter. You have provided me an opportunity to get it right this timeπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€.Thank you for being a GOD of second chances. I will NEVER let ANYONE or ANYTHING in this world come before YOU . Thank you for the trials and tribulations that I went through in 2022. MY, MY,and MY , when I was going through…. LORD I did not think l was going to make it through the Anxiety, Depression, being mistreated by those who I thought were my family, and friends. The jealousy, envious ,narcassism, and so called RELIGIOUS people in churches that had titles but they were far from the titles they represented!!). Thank you for the Discernment, and YOUR HOLY SPIRIT that resides in me. You have/are providing me with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding through the DAILY blog and MONDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY lessons. They have taught me to be able to see spiritually .You EXPOSING people for who they REALLY are. I can see you working in my life in all areas RESTORING everything that the Canker worm thought he stole from me. I can see you working within me SPiRITUALLY!!! You are cutting all ties and relationships with people who were TOXIC in my life. I will forever be GRATEFUL to you for the rest of my life.

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