Inspirational Nugget (Snowstorm)

Happy Jesus Day:

I trust God to protect us and keep us safe through this winter snowstorm from the west coast to the east coast. This is a fierce force in nature that only God can control. Amid this stressful storm that causes fear to grip us-we can still rely on a God who has been in the middle of storms before when he walked the earth (Matthew 8: 23-27). God, you are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. We thank you and ask that you hear our prayers for the people. Lord, give us your grace.

CIRCA 12/22/2022

One thought on “Inspirational Nugget (Snowstorm)

  1. Yes Lord…as I was attempting to offer up prayer concerning the storm, I had to stop myself from asking that it doesn’t happen instead of asking to God see us safely through it…I’m reminded that God has a master plan, Lord please forgive me and please help me to stay in your will and be obedient to your directions…I’m so grateful for the Holy Spirit and correction! Thank you Lord!

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