Inspirational Nugget

Happy Jesus Day:

Our hearts don’t know what’s best for us. Only God knows what is truly best for our lives. We cannot see the whole picture, and we cannot see His master plan. We can easily step outside His perfect plan when we blindly follow our hearts. And while we’re providing a great future for ourselves, we could be missing out on something much more incredible than we could imagine. Some things to think about (Our hearts lie to us according to Jeremiah 17: 9; Our hearts are wicked Jeremiah 17: 9 “. the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”. Our hearts are prone to idols; our hearts stray all too easily and put things and people in place of God. Our hearts don’t honestly know what’s truly best for us. Only God knows what is truly best for our lives. Leading our hearts by following the truth

1. follow God’s word.

2. Follow the advice of wise counselor Proverds 12: 15.

3. Follow the leading of the Spirit, God Spirit lives inside of us and will guide us according to His plan.

CIRCA 1988

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

    1. When we want our hearts desire it’s usually for emotional satification which can send mixed signals. But when our hearts are soley open to God’s will all of the wants and desires become “blessings “

  1. Holding on to God’s word lifts me…Grateful to God for those that He has in the midst who truly provide wise counsel and thank You Lord for my personal Helper, the Holy Spirit…helping me to stay on the path that God has for me. Thank You Lord in the name of Jesus, I’m forever grateful!

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