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Happy Jesus Day:

A prayer for help when your circumstances don’t match what you believe God for. How do you move forward when you trust and your fears control your events, which contain your faith walk? “How to overcome these fears”? When your worries are reverberating in your mind, Lord, help us to stop trying to fix everything ourselves. Teach us to turn to You in prayer, trust You to be in charge, and let your peace reign over us. Sometimes to overcome your fears, you’re going to have to face your fears, but once again, take comfort because God is with you. The devil will try to increase our fears but remember God’s faithfulness in your past. Remember, one thing the devil wants to do to believers is caused them to live in fear. Even if nothing in your life warrants fear, he will send forth confusion and discouraging thoughts. You can have a secure job, and the devil will send fear and cause you to think, “what if I get fired” The devil has a script for everything. He might put a thought in your mind and say, “God will cause you to lose your job to test you.” It would be best if you recognized where these thoughts come from.

CIRCA 1998

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. As always, so timely. I’m grateful Lord…Facing the facts is difficult, calling on the Lord seems so easy , yet why do I keep trying to fix things myself? Lord…please help me…

  2. Thank you LORD for reminding me of my FAITH walk with you ❤. As I self reflect back over my trials and tribulations you have always SHOWN UP on-time. My timing may NOT necessarily be your timing and THANK GOD for that!! !! I will take your timing anyday, anytime, and anywhere🙏🏻. I am sooooooo….GRATEFUL that you always know what is best for me(your daughter) because you love me UNCONDITIONALLY with NO STRINGS ATTACHED !! My ,My, and Myyyyyyyy…WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD I SERVE!!! HALLELUJAH JESUS👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾

  3. I so needed this! Sometimes what we see is not what God is planning. Learning to trust and depend on him is vital. Prayer is key!

    1. I can remember a saying in a movie that I watched long time ago. The saying was that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. We must always be in sink with the holy spirit so that we won’t fall for the wilds of the devil.

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