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Happy Jesus Day:

We need to know how to open our heart to the Lord. Lord guide and lead us to having an open heart. When you start your prayer ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and give you scriptures passge for the particular concern for which you will be praying.

Scriptures leads us into prayer:

Scriptures feed our spirit Psalm 19: 7-8:

Psalms 23: Psalms 139:

Scriptures evoke praise Psalms 43: 3-4:

Scriptures provides a framework for prayer: The prayer of Jesus (Matthew 6: 9-13) Luke:23: 34; John: 17) Paul: (Philippains 1: 3-6 :9) (Ephesians 1: 15-21) Mary (Luke 1: 46-55) Hannah (1 Samuel 2: 1-10:) Abraham (Genesis 18: 22-33) Moses (Exodus 32:11-14). This is framework of how God taught us how to come to Him. Scriptures in psalms teaches us how to come to God in difficulty times, grief, victory, or confusion.

CIRCA 1999

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