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“Waiting on the Lord”

Happy Jesus Day:

What do you do while waiting for the Lord? {1} Believe that the God who saved you hears your cries {2} Watch with expectancy, but be prepared for unexpected answers {3} Put your hope in his Word {4} Trust in the Lord, not in your own understanding.

{a} Wait with the soul-Psalm 62 1: 5.

{b} With quietness Lamintation 31 25: 26.

{c} With patience Psalm 4:1-Psalm 37: 7.

{d} With courage Psalm 27:14.

{e] all the day Psalm 25: 5.

{f} Continually Hosea 12: 6.

{g} With great hope Psalm 103 5: 6.

{h} With crying Psalm 69: 3.

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