“Being Thankful or Grateful”


Today, we are blessed to have another opportunity to gather with our families to show that we are thankful to God for keeping us safe and sound. Being Thankful and Giving is a blessing that all should embrace this time of year. There should be “Gratitude” when you sit down and reflect on how God has blessed your life. So this Thanksgiving, let’s fill our lives with the spirit of the Holidays and not only “be” grateful but SHOW our gratitude in all the beautiful ways it deserves. “Gratitude” unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more denial into acceptance, confusion into clarity, a meal into a feast, and a house into a home. “Thankfulness is a reaction” thankfulness involves how we feel in the moment, and like all feelings, eventually, it fades. Thankfulness is a temporary emotional response to a temporary circumstance.

CIRCA 2022

3 thoughts on ““Being Thankful or Grateful”

  1. Reflecting On My Life
    As I reflect on my life, I’m grateful to GOD for healing me and letting me live. I am thankful for GOD’S many blessings… I don’t have the space to write. On my daily walk with GOD… throughout the day I tell GOD…”Thank You”. I try to live in a way that the life I live speak for me. I try to be a blessing to others and I pray that GOD is pleased with me.
    Gratitude… I show! Thankfulness….I say!
    Happy Thanksgiving to All 🦃

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