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Inspirational Nugget “What If you had to remain the same.”

Happy Jesus Day:

We should be thankful that God does not change with the seasons. God remains the same. He does not change. We are blessed. He does not change with the seasons. We all experience change and transition in our lives. Sometimes life is exciting and dull, but God remains the same. Have you ever stopped to imagine what it would be like if nothing ever changed in your life? There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun. Seasons will come and go, but God will always remain constant. He will remain constant in our trials and suffering as well in our joy and happiness. God has your best interest at heart. He is our rock on which we can stand, strengthens us, and steadies us as we look to him (1 Peter 5:10). God remains the same even when the seasons of life change. Life is made up of different seasons that help us learn and grow into the person God has made us to be. God is faithful; different seasons include trials and triumphs,” “heartache and joy.” God created these different seasons so we can learn to rely on Him. God is faithful, and in these seasons, He molds us into who we are meant to be. He is the Creator of all good things. He allows everything to work together to achieve His master plan.

CIRCA 1999

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