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“A Reflection of Wind and the Holy Spirit”

Happy Jesus Day:

As I sit here talking with the Lord looking across the fence now and then, I feel the wind’s chill. As I reflect on the Holy Spirit, like the wind, I don’t feel it until it makes contact with my body; that’s when I react. The warmth feels so much better than the cold. When the heat engulfs my body, it feels good; the wind causes me to become cold and look for heat, and the Holy Spirit causes a warmth opposite of the wind. It’s easy for me to recognize the Holy Spirit and the anointing. They both have a purpose one brings coldness, and the other brings warmth. I would rather feel the Holy Spirit than the Wind any day. The Holy Spirit consumes your mind, will, and emotions, aligning them with His heart and empowering you to be the world’s light. On the other hand, the wind can be a delicate breeze to a terrifying hurricane; the wind is a force of nature. The wind causes destruction and erosion we just witnessed that recently. Due to its unpredictability, the raw winds hold both positive and negative connotations throughout the Bible.

CIRCA 11/12/2022

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