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Happy Jesus Day:

Are you walking with the Lord in faith? Hebrews chapter 11 is the faith chapter. No promises of God can be claimed unless you have learned what the promises are. Always seek God’s will and ask yourself, “what does the Bible say.” Like demons, many people do believe God exists. However, most of these same people do not tremble at the existence of God when even the demons do! Walking with God in faith (1) guard your thought which determines how you react to situations and carry yourself. (2) Mind your mouth. What are you saying while you are waiting? Are you speaking faith about the conditions or giving voice to doubt and fear? Your words must demonstrate your belief that God is working on your behalf. (3) What are you doing? The word tells us faith without works is dead. We can’t simply pray and then delegate our work to God. He’s not coming down from heaven and doing what He has given US the power and ability to do.

CIRCA 1998
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