“You May Give Out but Never Give Up”

Happy Jesus Day:

We all feel like we can hardly go on sometimes. We must remember we live in the body of flesh. Your spirits are low, you feel defeated, and you’re starting to wonder why you bothered in the first place. But never give up! While giving up when going gets tough might sound tempting, learning how to preserve and finish being strong is so much more rewarding. We must remember what Jesus said in (Matthew 11: 28=30). Lastly, when you feel like giving up, be reminded that God loves you and wants you to enjoy life, for God’s whole plan is to prosper and not harm us. If you are struggling in life, don’t give up. There are better things yet to come.

CIRCA 1999

2 thoughts on ““You May Give Out but Never Give Up”

  1. Received in the name of Jesus! I will never give up because my later will be greater! These words encouraged me and touched my heart. So glad I know the Lord!

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