“Tuesday Prayer”

Happy Jesus Day:

Jesus, I need your strength and power in my life. I know apart from you, I can do nothing. I acknowledge the area in which I am weak and realize I need to rely on you entirely. Please give me the strength and power I know can only come from you. Lord, help me learn from my mistakes and move on in mercy and grace. Please protect my family, my home, my loved ones, and those I don’t know that need your protection in Jesus’s Name. No matter your circumstances, turn to Him and ask for his strength. Remember, in our weakness; we are strong in Christ (2 Corinthians 12: 9-11).

CIRCA 2003

5 thoughts on ““Tuesday Prayer”

  1. Thank you Lord for this post this evening. It is right on time as always. I have had a trying day all day long. Just as the scripture reads…when I am weak you are strong 2 Cor. 12 :9-11. I am asking for your strength daily. You know all about it LORD!! You are all that I need today and forever more. Thank you for loving a wretch like me.. I know I don’t deserve it..BUT.. I am so GRATEFUL for you and how you INSPIRE me to hold on and wait to see what the end will be! I’m also GRATEFUL for you placing people in my life who support me for who I am. You are so MAREVELOUS..IF If I had 10,000 tongues..that wouldn’t be enough to thank you. Love Your Daughter❤😘

  2. Dear Lord I am weak but thou art strong! Thank You for keeping me upright when I am going through. I’m so grateful for your goodness and mercy. You love me at my worse and patiently care for me to make me better. To God be the Glory!!!!

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