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Happy Jesus Day:
Last Friday, people had their eyes on Hurricane Ian; what are your eyes on this Friday? There are all kinds of storms, and most storms bring destruction and devastation. Whether it’s a storm of nature or life, both will get our attention. In both situations, you should stay calm and hold your peace above all things. If it’s weather-related, we check the weather pattern if it’s a storm of life, we check ourselves is there a spiritual opposition in my thinking and living that is giving this storm access to my life? When we are in the middle of a storm, we gain invaluable experience. We are learning what pain and heartache feel like. We gain insight into suffering. But faith will see us through anything. A key to surviving any storms of life is building a solid foundation capable of weathering even the mightiest storms.
CIRCA 10/7/2022

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. Spiritually profound…
    In life, we look at any situation that causes us unrest or uncertainty to be a storm. I totally agree that the key to surviving storms in our lives encounter building a solid foundation with GOD which allows us to be capable of weathering even the mightiest storms.

  2. Thank you Lord for the word: “Inspirational Nugget”. You always provide me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to help me to live a Christian life. The blog posts are not only right on time. They are exactly what I am dealing with on that particular day. I’m so GRATEFUL that you think enough of me to contnue to pour out your blessings upon me. Whether it be through wisdom knowlege and understanding or the FAVOR that you grant me with when I am around people that I do not know..never met before a day in my life. I feel the Favor in my spirit that you always grant me with in any situation. You just continue to show up and show out no matter what. YOU ARE TRUE TO YOUR WORD AND YOU DON’T CHANGE. IF YOU SAID IT THEN THAT SETTLES IT!!🙏🏻

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