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Happy Jesus Day:
God heals in so many different ways. When we pray and meditate on God’s word and trust God to move us into the realm of faith {Proverbs 3: 7-8}. Faith is not something you can see according to Hebrews 11: 1 because faith brings us hope. We just experienced one of the worst hurricanes in history. There were so many alerts sent out telling which way the storms were headed they were trusting the wind patterns, which were predictions. When the wind blows, you can’t see it to determine where it is coming from or where it’s going man can only predict. You can see the effects of it as it blows the debris, but you cannot tangibly see the winds themselves. You still know it is accurate, however. Just as you can’t always see the wind, you cannot see God either, but you believe He’s there. You don’t always know how God is going to heal you or when He’s going to heal you. Let us with confidence draw near to the throne of grace {Hebrews 4: 18}. We can only trust GOD because He knows all.
CIRCA 10/1/2022

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  1. Having the faith and knowing that God will take care of me, learning to say “God knows” when situations arise and truly leaving it up to Him gives me peace…Thank You Lord! I am so grateful!!!

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