“Sign of Demonic Oppression”

Happy Jesus Day:
Here are some of the things that will call us to be oppressed that will open us to the influences of the devil. (1) Substances abuse any type of drugs. (2)Dabbling in the occult. (3) Divination astrology, tarot cards (4) Media, books, and movies.
Other Signs
(a) Physical symptoms, sleeplessness, overeating, self-mutilation. (b) spiritual deadness, inability to pray, anger, toward god, false religion, and guilt when doing wrong. (d) Emotional turmoil, uncontrollable anger, low self-confidence, feeling hopelessness, and lack of purpose. (e) Financial troubleshot constant unusual financial problems.
Think about Job’s oppression and how he suffered through all that satan put him through.
circa 1988

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