Inspirational Nugget

Happy Jesus Day:
When things are not coming together for you don’t give up sometimes your next step could be your blessing God is faithful 1 Corinthians 10:13 . The enemy’s job is to discourage us causing us to give up on our blessings.The devil have two main ways of working his first tactic is fear Nehemiah 6 chapter. His other battle plan is to use flattery 2 Corinthians 11:14 he “masquerade as an angel of light” he comes with enticing promises and flattering words, assuring us that what he proposes will cost us nothing which is a lie.The Holy Spirit will help you identify the things that is distracting you from God’s priorities .God priorities must become our priorities, then God’s kingdom work will advance. “Don’t let the noise of the world keep you from hearing the voice of the LORD”.
CIRCA 1998

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  1. AMEN 🙏 This is so very true. We must keep our eyes on the Lord. The devil is constantly working on taring us down. Stay strong and stay focused on the workings of the Lord 🙏

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