Inspirational Nugget

Happy Jesus Day:
Moving out of your comfort zone will cause you to be uncomfortable but, you have to desire and want to grow which means stepping out of your comfort zone is going to be a challenge. If we obey God without knowing all the details we will have great rewards. God wants us to follow Him by learning to trust Him according to our Faith in this journey. Taking step after step without questions. Faith builds on faith when we trust, we receive unexpected blessings. God wants us to grow in faith because we need Him on our journey it stretches us beyond our comfort zone. God will call you out of your comfort zone to do more than you feel you are capable of or worthy of. What will your response be when He calls you it has been stated that “God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips those whom He calls” and then will we become equipped. Equipping is a life-long journey it’s studying, listening, doing and learning from mistakes, and growing past your inabilities.
CIRCA 1988

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  1. Ooooo that stretch! Lord, Lord! Thank you, Lord, for keeping me and thank You for my Helper, the Holy Spirit!

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