Spirits Assume Various Forms

Happy Jesus Day:
There are varieties of angels and demons. Evil spirits assume various forms devils, demons, evil spirits, imps, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, nature spirits, and farries. Angel is generally grouped in orders. Beginning in the Garden of Eden starting with the serpent that approached Eve and she allowed the spirit of questioning God’s word to cause their downfall and she and Adam were cast out of the Garden of Eden, Then there was Lucifer who wanted to be above God and he and his angels were cast out into the earthy realm that seeks to cause the believer to turn away from God. Satan goes to and fro seeking who he can destroy his job is to cause the heads of counties never to be on one accord. Devils operate in the spirit of “slander” or “operate as the accuser” the spirit of power and evil. Demons are supernatural beings that torment we can be delivered from these tormenting spirits. Evil spirits have other names like unclean spirits or impure spirits that are deceivers. Imps are spirits considered little devils that operate in young {terrible two’s} children that the little throwing tantrums which upset the adults { anger. shame yelling etc}. So next time you get upset beware of what you are up against.
CIRCA 1998

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